Aquasol Swimming Club - Bristol

Joining and Visiting Us

Membership is open to genuine naturists - families, couples and singles. To ensure an equal gender balance Aquasol operates positive discrimination for ladies by means of promotional attendance fees and hold waiting lists for singles. Single male visitors must be members of British Naturism (BN) and produce a current BN Membership Card although a BN Membership does not automatically grant membership to the club.

It is assumed that couples offered membership will attend as a couple at least two-thirds of their year's membership.

Aquasol Swimming Club Enquiry Form
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This form must be completed in full no other forms of communication will be recognised. Do not visit without being invited - you will be turned away. Do not contact the venue they will refer you to this website.

A Committee Member will answer your enquiry as soon as it is practical to do so by return email or attached information sheet. Enquiries are not reviewed daily so please allow reasonable time for a reply.

Please note all visitors are required to have photo ID and proof of address when attending their first swim. Aquasol Swimming club will not share or make the information you provide available to others.

Complete all sections (failure to do so may void your enquiry or delay a response)

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